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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Check out Brittany Valverde!!

Film Directed by Peter King, and sneak peak of photo shoot with Brooke Dombrowski.

Brittany Valverde has had a very busy year just recently booking Italian Elle Magazine with other Niche Models including her real life boyfriend and pro surfer Evan Valiere, Mahina Garcia, Brent Bielman and Matty Wong. The Italian Elle was photographed by the amazing  Kayt Jones!! Look for Brittany in 2012! She also just shot the 2012 campaign for Smith Optics, and Hinano and editorials in international and national magazines including Surf Girl Japan, Girl's Life, Surfing Mag, Tracks Mag Australia and the RistaFins web-site. You can also see Brittany on TV doing commercials. Her most recent is Pizza Hut and she has also appeared on  Hawaii 5-0.
2012 is looking like a very good year for Brittany already!!
To see more of Brittany please click on this link Brittany Valverde !!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reyn Mager Aubrey Debuts in Hawaii 5-0!!!!

 Please click on this link to see Reyn Mager Aubrey in this week's episode of Hawaii 5-0!!!

 Reyn Hanging with Alex who plays Steve McGarrett!
 Reyn cruising with Daniel Day Kim!
 Niche Talent Reyn Mager Aubrey debuted on Hawaii 5-0 this week!! He had a great time working on the set for an entire week!!
Getting booked on Hawaii 5-0 was definitley a way to end a busy year for this busy 13 year old. He starred  in West Side Story this Spring playing "Tony" at Honolulu Waldorf School ( he also speaks spanish!) and has been busy building his acting resume by training with Scott Rogers and participating in The Hawaii Theatre Junior Ensemble with Eden Lee Murray honing his acting skills. It looks like all of the hard work is really paying off for Reyn!!
The director was impressed with Reyn when he and his cast mates presented him with a script that they had written in their down time on set that would bring their characters back for future episodes!! What a talent!! We are so proud of you Reyn!!

Nalani in Honolulu Magazine!!

Nalani Ravello started modeling only 2 years ago and was one of Niche's very first models! She has since traveled to NYC, Miami, London, Los Angeles and just recently got back from Tokyo!
In her first year legendary photographer Bruce Weber fell in love her cool style and great attitude and put her in the Ralph Lauren Fragrance Campaign and the Hollister Campaign! You can also see Nalani on International TV commercials including McDonalds and Coca Cola!
Stopping back home in Hawaii between all of her direct bookings all over the world she squeezes in Covers for Ala Moana Magazine( she is the current cover girl for the next couple of issues), editorials for Go Naminori, Dysfunktion, Honolulu Magazine and fashion shows with Neiman Marcus and Andy South just to name a few..
We can't wait to see where 2012 takes you Nalani!! The sky is the limit with your great attitude and utmost professionalism!! Cheers!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Celia Kenney Debuts in The Descendants!!!

Aspiring Young Actress Lands Scene with George Clooney!

Celia Kaleialoha Kenney (13) was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Granddaughter of legendary Hawaiian entertainers Ed Kenney and Beverly Noa, Celia displayed an affinity for performing at a young age. Her grandfather performed as ‘Wang Ta' in the original Broadway production of Flower Drum Song, and so in Celia the song lives on. Father Ed Kenney Jr. is owner/chef of Town and Downtown Restaurants, and mother Kristen Kenney is a graphic artist and jewelry designer, surrounding her with creativity from birth.

Her “pinch me” moment recently came when Celia was cast in the film, The Descendants, as 'Reina', a boy crazy, carb shunning friend of character ‘Matt King’s’ daughter.  The film is the screen adaptation of the novel by local writer Kaui Hart Hemmings, starring George Clooney and directed by Alexander Payne. Celia’s scene includes Clooney, as well as several of the other main characters. This high profile job is what earned Celia her coveted Screen Actors Guild card. She and her brother Duke (9) were also recently cast as principals in a Capital One Commercial, all leading to a favorable start to an acting career.

In addition to the big screen, Celia has been exercising her vocals and performing skills on the theater stage. She starred in her first Community Theatre production at the age of 8. Some of the shows under her belt include Cinderella, Gigi, Children of Eden and most recently as ‘Bonnie’ in Anything Goes. Her favorite role to date has been as ‘Little Red’ in The Performing Arts Center of Kapolei's Into The Woods. She has many solo performances on her roster as well and takes great pride in being a member of Diamond Head Theatre's Shooting Stars program.

One of Celia's goals is to attend the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and someday perform on Broadway.

Celia continues to pursue her passion by studying voice, ballet, tap, jazz and acting, as well as auditioning for future big screen roles.

Check out Celia on Reel Stories!!!
To see more of Celia  go to

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hawaii 5-0 loves Kalama!!! Kalama got to enjoy a week on the set of Hawaii 5-0 playing Jason Schafer in Season 2 Episode #211 "Pahele" directed by Paul Edwards!

Kalama who is part Hawaiian and grew up in Honolulu has trained with Scott Rogers and  has further credits that include Bay Watch Hawaii, Commercials including First Insurance, Starwood Hotels and a recent radio spot for Pizza Hut. He has also modeled for National companies such as Target and Pottery Barn Kids.
Director Paul Edwards said after the wrap, " Good Job Kalama! You are a very talented boy!" Other A.D.'s were over heard whispering "He's a good actor!!"  After the first take!!
All of the practicing and memorizing the entire script before filming really helped!! Kalama is a professional and definitely one to watch!!

Congratulations Kalama!!

Behind the Scenes! Brent Bielman and Evan Valiere shooting for Self Magazine on the North Shore Today!!

Conde Naste is here shooting a Self Magazine Shoot! To see more of Evan and Brent please go to

Behind the Scenes: Baby Grace in Pottery Barn Kids today!!

To see more of Baby Grace Please go to Niche Models and Talent

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Michelle Vawer In Vogue Itlalia with photographer Douglas Friedman!!

Michelle who is home in Hawaii and shooting yet another cover, this time for Pacific Basin's Whaler's Village Magazine is fast becoming one of the World's Top Models!! Having spent the year in NYC where she is currently signed with IMG Models, she has been traveling all over the world to exotic locations such as Zanzibar, Africa just a few weeks ago to shoot a TV pilot and Swim shoot for South Africa's Version of Sport's Illustrated.  London's largest lingerie company  Lasenza has become a very loyal client and in the passed few months she has appeared not only in Vogue Italia and Italian Vanity Fair but also Spanish Cosmo. She has also appeared in Music Videos for Jason Mraz and 5 O'clock Heros. Hawaii keeps calling her back though!! Over the last year she has flown home and shot the latest campaigns and Catalogs  for Izod, Peach John (Japan's largest lingerie company), San Lorenzo, and covers for Ala Moana Magazine! Don't be surprised if you see this rising starlet on the big screen soon! She is studying the meisner acting technique in NYC with Dena Levy and played "Sarah" in Into the Blue!! We are so proud of you Michelle!!! You GO GIRL!!

Disney Aulani Resorts Loves Niche Talent!!! Congratulations Cerise, Ella, Sloan, Wyatt and Megan and Hannah!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ana Monique Chosen as Photographer of the Month on Modelwire!!!

 Why Photography?
Love and luck is what started me in photography. My husband was a fashion photographer and I would do anything in my power to try to make him proud of me. With a lucky chance, he was going to cancel a shoot and told me I should do it instead. The client loved my work, I loved doing it and my husband and I found something we could both be passionate about and we connected in a whole new way.
Photography has become my way of expression. I just love the idea of freezing a moment in time, capturing a moment that one may never see again. It's really become, for me, a way that I can say something with out verbally speaking to the audience.
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
I cannot tell you I have only 1 favorite of all time because its not true. I guess the "trinity" would be Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, and Peter Lindbergh.
Demarchelier because he is just amazing. His work has a timeless quality and borders both fashion and fine art. His lighting is fantastic and I wish I could just be on set watching him work.
Testino...I mean, what can I not say about Testino? For me, Mario Testino has this way of placing a thin veil of "sexy" on his images. The colors, the understanding of fashion that he has, his work is unprecedented. His work speaks to me very much.
Peter Lindbergh....he is a master to me of the black and white photograph. I love everything this man shoots and I can never get tired of looking at his work. Each image of his, for me, is like a meditation. Still, simple, and awe inspiring.
What do you look for when selecting a model?
When selecting a model, there are 2 things that I take into strong consideration and grabs my attention.

Movement - Can the model move? That is so important to me.

The Eyes - There is something about a person's eyes. When I am casting, the eyes need to say something to me. It tells me if he or she can be open and tell a story beyond the obvious. I am wanting to see their soul.
What inspires you?
Inspiration comes from so many places that it is hard to pin point one thing. I think for me, love inspires me. The soul inspires me, life inspires me. And trying to capture these things are what I aim for. Again, it is almost a spirituality of sorts. I try to look for the beauty in creation and in turn, capture that beauty. That is inspiring.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
I am currently working on a project that will take me to Jamaica and work in the poverty-stricken areas. I am very much a humanitarian and although fashion is my focus, I love projects with a "heart". I think that fashion photography can be so much fantasy that people in Third World countries may not always relate. This project that is in the works will be documenting an organization that is going in and teaching different trades to people, giving them the much needed self confidence and knowledge to be able to get themselves work and slowly get out of their present condition. I am very excited to be a part of such a project.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Matty Liu's Interview With Australian Hit TV Show "Home and Away"

Home and Away: How did you get the role on Home and Away?

Matty: I got the role of Marty Jones on Home and Away from an audition that I got to go into here in Hawaii. My agent called me up and said that they are casting a really cool role on the most famous show in Australia and if I was up to auditioning for it, I jumped at the chance and it was awesome working with a super great cast and crew in Hawaii.

Home and Away: Were you aware of the show and its popularity in Australia?

Matty: Not when I first heard of it no, only because we don’t have that show here in Hawaii, but when I went online and saw how big it was in Australia I thought that was pretty cool and it must be a really good show if it has been air for so long.

Home and Away: You have a family connection to Australia is that right?

Matty: I do, my brother in law Sam is from Sydney, Australia, and now lives here in Hawaii with my sister and their 2 kids. He still has his accent from Australia which is pretty cool sounding.

Home and Away: What was the experience on Home and Away like for you?

Matty: It was really great. Super nice cast and crew, could not have asked for a better experience. Really great group of people. Australians seem like the nicest people in the world. I feel like I made some really y great new friends.

Home and Away: Can you tell us a little bit about your acting background?

Matty: I grew up in Hawaii and later moved to California to give acting a shot. Stayed in LA for almost 10 years working and studying. I had a really good time living there and working on many different shows and stuff, good times. Now I get to do a bit of acting here in Hawaii especially with the new hit Hawaii Five- O. I actually just had a part I played as Lucky. I had a really good scene with actor Scott Caan who is one of the stars of the show. I also got to hang out with Alex O’Laughlin who is from Australia, really nice guy…

 Home and Away: You are a Hawaiian five time surf champion – did that help get you the role?

Matty: I’m not sure maybe, it might have helped that I can surf, because my character is a surfer. I have been a surfer all my life. It has opened many doors for me along the way. I grew up surfing all the contest here in Hawaii and have been lucky to win a few and travel the world surfing. I feel very blessed that I am so lucky to have surfing in my life.

Home and Away: What was it like teaching Samara Weaving to surf?

Matty: It was really fun taking Samara out surfing; she was a natural from the start. We got her up on a few good waves. I think she really enjoyed surfing in Hawaii!
Thanks again to all the cast and crew who made this a great time!

The Hawaiian episodes Matty appears in, air June 27th, 28th, and 29th.

For more on Matty Liu:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keegan in Hawaii 5-0!!!!

For more pictures of Keegan:

Behind the Scenes: Matty Wong's Kirin Soft Drink Commercial!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Check out Matty Liu on Hawaii 5-0!!!!

Matty just got through doing Australia's hit show Home and Away as well!!!

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Check out Matty Wong in this Time Warner Cable Commercial!!!!

Matty Wong plays the sax in  his band "The Dead Beats"! Congratulations Matty!

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