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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mahina Garcia! Model of the Month!

Age: 16                

Height: 5'9               
Place of Origin: Oahu 

Ethnic origin: Hawaiian, Chinese, German, American Indian, Irish, Filipino, and African American 

Birth sign: Cancer/Ruby 

How discovered: Since I was in 8th grade lots of family members and friends told me I should model. I didn't really take it into consideration until I was in 9th grade. Shawna Erickson (mother agent) saw some photos of me, Shawna did feel like my look was too young, so she wanted to wait until my look became more mature. I was then set up for a test shoot with an amazing local fashion photographer Ana Monique, it was then, that I realized that I love being in front of the camera, and that modeling is my passion.

Favorite thingsFashion, Clothes, Music, Family, Friends, food, shopping, massages, and being in the ocean. 

Favorite Music: House, Techno, Pop, R&B, and the classics. 

Hobbies: Hiking, Laughing, golfing, soccer, modeling, hanging out with people,tubing, and jet skiing. 

Favorite piece of clothing: A sexy, appropriate, yet sophisticated, dress. 

Idea of fun: Going on Hikes, going to the beach and getting pounded in the shore break, going dancing, and going to theme parks. 

Favorite modeling experience: Being able to travel to different places, and getting treated to high quality restaurants. 

Whats the best thing about your home town/country:The vibe of all of the people in our society, every one has lots of ALOHA (love). 

Favorite Artist: I don't have a favorite artist, I love them ALL!

Place you would love to visit: Thailand 

Currently you are obsessed with/about: Raw, Gluten-free, VANILLA ALMOND Snakaroons by- Lauching Giraffe organics (whole foods). And a FLESH STUDDED BRITTANIA CLUTCH by Alexander McQueen.


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