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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Matty Liu's Interview With Australian Hit TV Show "Home and Away"

Home and Away: How did you get the role on Home and Away?

Matty: I got the role of Marty Jones on Home and Away from an audition that I got to go into here in Hawaii. My agent called me up and said that they are casting a really cool role on the most famous show in Australia and if I was up to auditioning for it, I jumped at the chance and it was awesome working with a super great cast and crew in Hawaii.

Home and Away: Were you aware of the show and its popularity in Australia?

Matty: Not when I first heard of it no, only because we don’t have that show here in Hawaii, but when I went online and saw how big it was in Australia I thought that was pretty cool and it must be a really good show if it has been air for so long.

Home and Away: You have a family connection to Australia is that right?

Matty: I do, my brother in law Sam is from Sydney, Australia, and now lives here in Hawaii with my sister and their 2 kids. He still has his accent from Australia which is pretty cool sounding.

Home and Away: What was the experience on Home and Away like for you?

Matty: It was really great. Super nice cast and crew, could not have asked for a better experience. Really great group of people. Australians seem like the nicest people in the world. I feel like I made some really y great new friends.

Home and Away: Can you tell us a little bit about your acting background?

Matty: I grew up in Hawaii and later moved to California to give acting a shot. Stayed in LA for almost 10 years working and studying. I had a really good time living there and working on many different shows and stuff, good times. Now I get to do a bit of acting here in Hawaii especially with the new hit Hawaii Five- O. I actually just had a part I played as Lucky. I had a really good scene with actor Scott Caan who is one of the stars of the show. I also got to hang out with Alex O’Laughlin who is from Australia, really nice guy…

 Home and Away: You are a Hawaiian five time surf champion – did that help get you the role?

Matty: I’m not sure maybe, it might have helped that I can surf, because my character is a surfer. I have been a surfer all my life. It has opened many doors for me along the way. I grew up surfing all the contest here in Hawaii and have been lucky to win a few and travel the world surfing. I feel very blessed that I am so lucky to have surfing in my life.

Home and Away: What was it like teaching Samara Weaving to surf?

Matty: It was really fun taking Samara out surfing; she was a natural from the start. We got her up on a few good waves. I think she really enjoyed surfing in Hawaii!
Thanks again to all the cast and crew who made this a great time!

The Hawaiian episodes Matty appears in, air June 27th, 28th, and 29th.

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